Virgins Just Wanna Have Fun (too!)

Holding, touching, kissing, fingering, licking, sucking, moaning, laughing, screaming, orgasming.

Hot, right? Well now that I’ve gotten you all riled up, I’ll postpone telling you what all of those things have in common until later. First let’s talk magazines.

I compiled this list after I quit reading Seventeen Magazine. I still love their make-up section and some of their real-life articles are really interesting, but I got sick of skipping past the good chunks of pages about prom, college admission anxieties, and high school drama in general.

So in natural progression I thought I’d switch to Cosmo. It’s all the same material but for an 18+ audience right? Well sure it’s 18+, but is it really useful for this 20 year old? Not so much. Turns out, I can’t afford the clothes they advertise, I don’t have to deal with office politics yet, and most of all… I really don’t need their sex tips.

No, I’m not being cocky (you’ll see the irony in that in just a second)

I am a virgin.

No that’s not a typo, no I don’t mean I’m a virgin to reading Cosmo, or an alcohol virgin (lost that one a while ago). What I’m saying is that I still carry around that big fat V-card for the old fashioned no-strings-attached virginity.

Confused? Allow me now to Tarentino it and explain what those 10 delicious words are all about.

Holding, touching, kissing, fingering, licking, sucking, moaning, laughing, screaming, orgasming.

These are all things virgins can enjoy and, to the shock of many, actually do enjoy. I like to call it Virgin Sex: the ability, nay, the right we virgins have to experience sexual pleasure without the actual act of intercourse.

Sound a lot like foreplay? Well, it is, minus the “fore” part since for us, it’s the main event. I was surprised to learn that most non-virgins, (and even some virgins) think that it’s gotta be all or nothing. They think you go to funky town or you stay home. You either read Seventeen, or Cosmo.

Well what about middle ground? What about CollegeCandy? (Which I see as a good middle ground though also seriously lacking in some V-Card blogs.) What about the road that leads to funky town? (Well at least I think I’m funny.)

Well ladies, newsflash: if you think that no guy wants to engage in foreplay at all, and especially not without the guarantee of sex – you’re being cheated. I have met many a guy willing to jump in the sack with me, fully aware that I’m a virgin and that sex was not on the menu.

The best hook-up I’ve ever had was with just a random guy I met at a bar. When he started to kiss me, I said that I didn’t want to lead him on – I had already told him I was a virgin, and I really wasn’t going to have sex with him. He smiled. “I know, but it doesn’t mean we can’t have fun.” And have fun we did.

So to all you V-carders out there who feel like they’re missing out on the sensual college lifestyle (but who also don’t want to end up like this idiot): it doesn’t have to be that way! True it can be challenging to seduce a guy when you aren’t planning to follow through with intercourse, but as long as you are honest and stick to your guns, you too can enjoy your collegiate virginity.

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