Mary Kate To Mary Jane

There is something about Mary Kate Olsen that sets her aside from Ashley. It could be the Boho wardrobe, the sad Cupie eyes, or the protruding collar bone. Whatever it may be, Mary Kate is becoming an individual. MK’s recent departure from her identical (yet, fraternal) twin included a small part in last year’s Factory Girl that wound up on the cutting room floor but that doesn’t seem to be discouraging Olsen from venturing off onto her own.

This season Mary Kate will make her television return, sans sister Ashley, on the hit Showtime series Weeds. Olsen will be playing Tara a Christian girl from a church community called “Majestic”. It is reported that Tara will become the love interest of Nancy Botwin‘s (Mary Louise Parker) son Silas.

Set to appear in 10 out of 15 episodes, it leaves us wondering if audiences are ready for Mary Kate’s solo debut or if the CEOs of Dual Star Entertainment have become a package deal.

By the age of six, while appearing as Michelle Tanner on the hit family show Full House the twins began to look so different audiences were beginning to tell them apart. It was said that Mary Kate was considered to take over the role, but because of their giant fan base and the opposition of John Stamos, both girls remained apart of the cast. Of the two Olsen twins Mary Kate was the innate actress while Ashley mostly cried in front of the camera, intimidated by the set. MK sprung to action and played Michelle in the majority of scenes throughout the nine year series.

A departure from the squeaky clean Olsen image, Weeds should serve it’s purpose, taking MK from a wholesome all American kid star to an adult actress. It is of course a far venture from New York Minute or any of Dual Star’s straight to video releases but Michelle Tanner is all grown up now and ready of course to hit the prop bong and smoke some top of the line oregano.

Recently Kathy Griffin mentioned Mary Kate in her new stand up “Everyone Can Suck It”, apparently the tiny Olsen approached the comedian to declare her love. Kathy, looking around the empty Hollywood hotspot wondered where all of the socialites were hiding. Olsen replied, “It’s early. Give this place 20 minutes and it turns into a celebrity F*@K fest”. Looks like Mary Kate is ready for Showtime after all. You can catch her Weeds debut on the season premiere August 13th.

Theresa Bennett

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