Hollywood StarTrash, You’re Trashy.

As if I needed any more trash in my life. Tabloids, receipts, old magazines; I’ve got the literal trash and figurative trash covered.

And if selling La Lohan’s coke binge car crash pieces on eBay (priced at 20 grand before being removed) wasn’t enough for the world, now there is a whole website devoted to the trash of the stars. The trash to first hit the market is our favorite jail bird, Paris.

Honestly, thank god. I knew my life was missing something essential.

The full list of one hundred and two items includes everything from prescription pill bottles, hair extensions, birth control packets, cigarette butts and empty envelopes (some from jail!).

At the moment only six items are up for sale, the most ludicrous being an empty can of gourmet dog food currently selling for over $15,000. And it still has three days left before bidding ends.

These, according the Hollywood StarTrash, are not even the items of “extreme personal nature” which will remain in the “StarTrash private vault.” So nice of you to show some discretion.

I feel Paris’ pain because my own trash gets rooted through by my super creepy OCD landlord. He accuses us of being alcoholics because of the amount of bottles my roommates and I recycle. But he also goes through our trash to make sure we’re recycling because apparently it’s illegal in

New York not to. It’s gross and invasive. I don’t give a shit if it is public property now that it is on the street and not in my apartment. Don’t root through my trash.

What’s even worse is that these guys have made a spectacle of the whole situation. They have filmed themselves and posted it on YouTube and their website, stealing through the night donning Uncle Sam masks. The whole thing is totally disgusting and ridiculous, but I suppose every one makes their own living somehow (albeit some a more honest living than dumpster diving). I guess one man’s trash is really another man’s treasure, empty dog food can and all.

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