The Style Commandments

Religion, schmeligion. I worship at the church of style. Here are my fashion tenets—but don’t worry if you’ve sinned. Fashion rules are meant to be broken!

Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s Manolos

Sure, my closet is more familiar with the acronym H&M than D&G, which is difficult when you live in a city like New York, where women are walking fashion billboards. But being green with envy is never a fashion statement.

Thou shall commit fashion adultery

Designer monogamy is the kiss of death for a fashionista. The best way to develop your own look and style is to sleep, er, shop around. Wearing one designer head-to-toe makes you look like you just stepped out of the pages of their catalogue.

Remember the sales and keep them holy

Unless your cash is burning a hole through your pocket, it’s wise to be on top of the sales at your favorite stores. I experienced unbearable heartbreak last year when I arrived at Victoria’s Secret to find that their semi-annual sale had ended the day before.

Thou shall make for thyself many fashion idols

Got a fashion-forward friend or enemy? Lusting over a stranger’s shoes on the train? Take note of what catches your eye and what makes you cringe—your next shopping trip will be much more rewarding if you have a specific look in mind instead of just an urge to buy something new—because really, how many black v-neck tops does one girl need? (I need seven, it seems).

Thou shalt not steal a fashion find

While I do believe in being inspired by those more fashion-inclined than oneself, there is a difference between adapting a look you like and buying the same exact pair of shoes your best friend just bought. Matching hasn’t been in since elementary school.

Thou shalt not use thy own name in vain

Dress the body you have now—not the body you had back when you did yoga or the body you plan to have after you finally start working out. Would you tell your best friend she looks like a fat cow? Then certainly don’t talk to yourself that way!

Respect thy mother

Harsh as she may be, she’s the only person you can count on to deliver the truth. If your hair is hideous, she’ll be the first to tell you. Listen up, but do poke fun at her style choices when looking through her college photo albums.

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