I Said WHAT Last Night?

You stumble out of bed on Sunday morning still a little drunk from last night, when a wave of panic washes over you as you realize you drunk-dialed your boss, grandmother, and everyone you’ve ever slept with.

Sound familiar? Savor the embarrassment, because dealing with the aftermath of drunkenly dialing and telling off your ex will soon be a thing of the past. Cell phone companies are considering following in Virgin Mobile Australia’s footsteps—the cell phone company provides its users with a drunk-dial blocking option. For just 19 cents per misguided attempted call, Virgin will block late-night calls to the numbers that the user had previously chosen to block.

But for those people that prefer to have the freedom to make sober 2 AM calls to ex-lovers, LG Electronics is taking it one step further with their Breathalyzer cell phones, already wildly popular in Korea. Breathe into the built-in breathalyzer, and if your blood-alcohol content is above .08, you won’t be able to dial pre-selected blocked numbers. Now you can save your cell-phone minutes and and your dignity.

If you’ve blocked all possibly-disastrous phone numbers but still have an urge to ramble incoherently, then just call 321-600-1200. This phone number, provided by slackertown.com, will record your drunk musings on the meaning of life and angry diatribe aimed at your ex, and post it on their site for all the world to see, laugh at, and commiserate.

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