MSNBC News Anchor Says No to Paris Hilton (and I rejoice)

You’re not the only one sick of Paris Hilton.

An MSNBC News anchor recently refused to lead with a Paris Hilton story, going so far as to try to light the story on fire, and when that didn’t work, walking over and putting it through a paper shredder.

News presenter Mika Brzezinski refused to report on the blond heiress’s release last week, declaring “I’m done with the Paris Hilton story. I won’t do it” and explaining that the second story, criticism of George Bush’s Iraq policy from a senior Republican, was much more news worthy.

Brzezinski was chastised by her two co-anchors, but their laughter and teasing did nothing to stop her. She refused to talk about Paris. “”I just don’t believe in covering that story” she resolutely stated to the camera, “especially not as the lead story in a newscast when you have a day like today.”

Bloggers have claimed the incident was a stunt pulled by MSNBC to gain viewers, but I like to believe it was a small step for humanity. Finally, someone had the courage and intelligence to deem Paris Hilton unworthy of the national news.

Mika, wherever you are tonight, I salute you.

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