Be One of the Guys with a P – Mate


Nothing like waking up in the morning and helping myself to some fresh servings of blog — these days, early a.m. updates rev me up more than an XXXL coffee.

Today was extra – special as Jezebel featured a post on the P – Mate, a device that allows women to pee standing up. Sometimes, the power of modern technology and ingenious thought eludes me.A simple waxed paper tube, the P – Mate enables women to “discreetly enjoy hygienic freedom.” Simply roll, insert, and let loose! Anywhere! In your backyard, at the beach, in the woods, the sky’s the limit (literally)! If you want a challenge, try your hand at a urinal. You’ll never have to sit down again (because who likes sitting?). Urinary freedom doesn’t come at too steep of a price: a pack of five P – Mates is only $5.25! The price of gender equality, beyond bathroom walls.

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