Shia LaBeouf: Your New It Boy?

Transformers. Yeah, I watched the cartoon. I was a child of the 80’s and I had a younger brother! We watched it all: Transformers, Thunder Cats (someday I’ll have to talk about how odd this show seems now…I mean, cat people? In spandex?), GI Joe. When I wasn’t playing with My Little Ponies, I was watching boy cartoons.

Which is why I’m slightly excited about Michael Bay’s giant Transformers movie. I can’t tell you if I’ll actually see it in the theaters, but its nostalgia. Nostalgia of the 80’s. Everyone loves them some good nostalgia.

Of course, being 24, there might be one more reason I’m interested in a movie about robots that turn into cars. And that reason might be Hollywood’s new It Kid, Shia LaBeouf.

The strangely adorable LaBeouf began his acting career on Even Stevens, a Disney show that was actually pretty funny, and soon graduated to bigger movies like Holes and this spring’s Disturbia (some of you indie flick lovers may also have seen him in A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints, a film that made me cry relentlessly for twenty minutes).

These days, Shia is making huge movies like Transformers and the newest installment of Indiana Jones, but no matter the film’s budget, always seems to carry with him a mature sense of character. He’s a great actor, and everyone seems to be noticing.

What about you, lovelies? Is Shia your new It Guy…or just some guy?

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