Trend Alert: Striped Shoes

So the nautical look is like “omg-so-hot-right-now,” and despite my love of Sailor Moon, I haven’t been too thrilled about this recently popular style.

As a girl who is already a little more horizontal than most of the models that sell that stuff, all those stripes just haven’t seemed very appealing. That is, until I went to H&M one glorious day and found myself a pair of these striped ballet flats in pink and white; it was love at first fit.

Little did I know that these fabulous shoes were part of the trend I was feeling so ‘eh’ about! Apparently I was the only one not in the know, but hey, live and learn, and then get these shoes! (Even if you’re still not feeling the nautical wave, you can’t lose by getting a pair in the same style, sans the stripes.)

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