Sienna Miller: My Celebrity Frush

Celebrities are fun to write about and gawk at (if you’re lucky enough to encounter one in its native habitat), but I have a feeling I would just not be compatible with the likes of Lindsay or Paris or even that sweet – seeming Michelle Trachtenberg. It just wouldn’t work. I need downtime. Also, my cell phone is five years old and I look weird in sunglasses.

Sienna Miller, on the other hand, is the kind of girl I would kill to hang out with, or at least borrow clothes from. She’s my frush: friend – crush. She would be like the older sister I never had. We would eat scones and talk shit and wear ironic porkpie hats. If only she knew I was right here, waiting…

Do I sound creepy? Sorry, but the cool, original celebrities are so few and far between, and Sienna is the ultimate. She may have have no discernable talent, but she did Jude, is doing Diddy and still has the best sense of style out of anyone these days (with no help from that freaky Rachel Zoe).

So until Sienna wises up and realizes I’m her new bff, I can cling to (still trying to figure out why it’s a .org, but whatever). This site is amazing — it catalogues dozens of Sienna’s best outfits, breaks them down, and tells you where to buy the pieces. I feel much better about myself now that I can look exactly like Sienna, and also that there are other people out there more obsessed than I am.

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