Go-to Website: Actual Advice From Real Females

The internet is the easiest go-to tool for any question or topic you may need to find information on. I often find myself googling random questions related to beauty, diet, or relationships depending on what I am dealing with in my own life and how much time I have to kill in between classes.

But, I had yet to find one overall comprehensive website that pertained to everything female and included useful advice. The best advice always seems to be word of mouth from those who have been there before, and now one website includes all of these factors.

toptipsforgirls.com is one of my new favorite websites. It is described as a wikipedia-like online manual, and according to Vanity Fair, “the site allows visitors to rate tips and to share their own, so the collected wisdom of a world of women is available at the click of a mouse.”

The site was started by Kate Reardon, a former fashion editor, writer, and contributing editor to Vanity Fair. So, the website does have a bit of a classy edge to it which makes it even more appealing. The tips are broken up into 28 different categories including everything from Accessories to Relationships. So far, there are 3,616 tips and counting.

You can either browse the tips or add your very own words of wisdom.

A few favorites (some funny, some serious):

Why can’t I get a boyfriend?

That’s hard to say. All you can do is put yourself in situations where you can meet new people. You’re never going to meet anyone sitting at home on your sofa. It’s also important to be cool, funny and relaxed when around guys, they can sense it if you’re desperate and it scares them!


Make a list of things that you like about yourself and not just the physical things. Are you just your body or do you value your other assets? When you think of the things you don’t like about your body are they things that can change with diet and exercise? Think of three people you admire, is it only their bodies you find attractive? Your body is always a work in progress, worry about keeping your heart open and your mind alert.

How to have a long lasting curl for your eye lashes

Apply eyelashes with either clear masacara gel (let it dry 1st) or vaseline petroleum jelly if u don’t have clear mascara. Use hair dryer to heat the padding on a metal curler (plastic curler do not work well with this) for about 8 seconds. Use your palm to test the heat to make sure it won’t burn your lids. Clamp on the lashes at even level, eyes look down and hold it for 5 seconds. Do the same for other eye. After this, you can then apply your black masacara. I’ve been using this method for 10 yrs and my curl last for the whole day!

Lunch Hour Boob Job
Lunch Hour Boob Job
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