The Maxi-Dress: More is More

The latest trend in summer casual-wear, the “maxi-dress,” just may be my favorite. Because unlike the short-shorts, miniskirts, and flimsy sundresses of summers past, this one lets me get away with not shaving my legs.

Celebrities like Rachel Bilson, Kiera Knightly, and Jessica Simpson have been spotted out and about rocking ankle-length dresses and skirts lately, and I have to say, I think I’ll be jumping on this celeb-trend bandwagon very soon.

Not only is the maxi-dress forgiving of a little leg stubble, but it does a body good as well. PMS tummy bloat is easily hidden, but it has enough cling to still be sexy and not teeter along the edge of the mumu. Just make sure not to choose something too conservative in the neckline—without a little cleavage to balance out the lack of visible skin, you’ll look like you’re going to a toga party. And girls on the short side, like me, will likely look shorter—but let’s be honest, if you’re 5 feet tall, there’s not an outfit in the world that will make you look like a runway model.

Pair a maxi-dress or skirt with cute flats and a long necklace and work it!

Sexy Starlets Sans Make-Up
Sexy Starlets Sans Make-Up
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