Making Moolah the Easy Way

Whether you are enjoying the high life that is college – complete with parental support – or collecting change out of the couch just to get that much needed after-work-martini, coming into some extra money is a wonderful thing. Especially when you want on of these or, the newest addiction in my life, the latest version of Guitar Hero. (Note: SERIOUS dude magnet!)

But finding extra money isn’t always so easy. Or fun. Especially if you consider selling your eggs or serving your fellow students in the cafeteria.

I have recently found that my bank account is seriously lacking, but my shopping addiction is not. I work over 40 hours a week, but still don’t make enough (yet) to live the way I want to. So, I decided I needed to find ways to come into some money. And while some of you may never want to even consider these options, I have found the following to be the easiest, least stressful and most fitting into any woman’s life.

1. Babysitting: I know that most of us haven’t done this since the 9th grade, but babysitting is seriously the way to go. First of all, most kids go to bed early. And if they don’t, they tend to enjoy long Disney movies. And, if all else fails, you can always set the clocks forward and force those kids into bed. Other bonuses: You get paid in cash, you can enjoy free snacks and most people get home early enough for you to meet friends at the b-a-r after.

2. Sell Your Shit: We all have tons of stuff we don’t wear. Instead of just wasting room in your closet (which would be much better suited holding a brand spanking new pair of jeans instead of those torn up Old Navy things) you should get rid of it. Just look for a local resale shop in your neighborhood, dive head-first into your closet and you will find your trash can be your very own treasure.

3. Pack a Lunch: This doesn’t necessarily make you money, but it does save you tons. And all that money saved is money earned, baby. But really; think about it. If you spend $5 a day on lunch (and that is being extremely conservative) you could save $100 a month just by bringing your own lunch with you.

Life would be wonderful if we could just walk outside our houses and pick hundo’s off a tree. Unfortunately, that life doesn’t exist. So, when you need some extra moolah, these ideas are the perfect place to start.

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