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Naked Roommates


Picture it– it’s early morning and you’re headed to the kitchen for your morning coffee or in my world, oatmeal and ba-ba-brown suga.

Then, lo and behold, your eye ventures ’round the corner and ah ha! You see sleeping, naked people!

Do you turn around? Do you gawk?

Well, yesterday when this happened to me, I took in an eyeful and let the sight roll right off my shoulder to the back burner of my mind. This may never happen to you, and it’s usually no problem, mind you, when your roommates are of the same gender. But my roommate, let us call him “Tony”, is an older actor, about 32.

I am just as unknowing of his exact age as my grandmothers.

Basically, he’s as much of a “man’s man” this twenty two-year-old hay seed has seen and I can say I feel we’re a bit closer now. He knows I saw and he likes the shock factor. Nevertheless, he won’t be catching me in the buff anytime soon.

It’s all apart of living, I reckon, in a model’s apartment where space is limited. Naked men are no longer making cameos in my dreams…but in my living room as well.