Avoid Bullsh#t Diets in Summer Shape-up Quest

What is your progress on getting that Jessica Biel body over summer vacation? Gotten a little sidetracked by the margaritas and half price happy hours? No worries, you still have over a month to get your ass in gear.

One thing that can sidetrack you from obtaining that great body for good is a fad diet or one that makes ridiculous claims and leaves you eating more than you could have ever imagined. Most college gals are guilty of buying into a quick solution to weight loss at some point in time, at least I know that I am. I actually considered the Master Cleanse Diet a few months ago. Honestly, what was I thinking?

Anyways, in hopes of saving you time and energy, I present Diet-blog.com‘s 7 signs of a Dubious Diet:

1. Promises quick weight loss

“Almost all of them do – this is unrealistic at best and dangerous at worse.”

2. Advocates centering the diet on one particular food

“Eg. grapefruit, peanut butter, coconut diets. Whether or not you eat these foods has no bearing on your weight and health.”

3. Doesn’t insist on exercise

“Surprising how many of them don’t – this is the cornerstone of continued fat loss and maintenance of weight, period. Beware of even those that undermine the importance of exercise.”

4. Offers a simplistic explanation to the complex problem of obesity

“Again, many “gurus” try and convince us that we are fat for a singular reason – this gives them an “angle” at which to sell us with. Whether it is carbs, an absence or abundance of a certain hormone, toxins – obesity is multifaceted.”

5. Claims “proof” without properly conducted, peer reviewed research

“Too many to list here, too. Fad diet authors more than likely skip over that little detail of evidence.”

6. Lists “forbidden” foods

“I’m not completely opposed to this, provided there in some sort of scientifically-based rationale ie. Trans fat-containing foods.”

7. Discourages eating certain foods in combination

“Eg. Fit for Life – this concept is about as scientific as a horoscope. The rationale is so absurd it should make anybody who has taken grade 11 biology cringe.”

I know it seems cliche and repetitive, but seriously, nothing works quite like the good old-fashioned eating less and exercising more. Time and again research has proven this is the best way to getting *and staying* in shape. So, make sure to avoid those pesky diets that are not worth your while in the first place

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