LiLo Whip-its… Good.

I hope this report isn’t true. Not because I have any kind of personal connection to Blohan (my love for her sunk with her weight and disappeared completely after one two many bitchy interviews), but because if it is true, LL is officially lost and gone forever.

Star Magazine (not known for it’s hard hitting reporting) is claiming LiLo used Whip-its in rehab, mixing them with cold medicine and staying high until she was caught.

“At first, the counselors couldn’t figure out how she was getting high” Star repots, “but then they found the cold medicine and whippit containers under Lindsay’s bed. Lindsay admitted to using the stuff in group counseling meetings and said she was sorry.”

For those of you who didn’t grow up in middle class suburbia, Whip-its are nitrous oxide canisters that are commonly used for cooking and baking purposes. According to the Urban Dictionary, It is also the act of inhaling the nitrous oxide out of normal, household products like whipped cream cans. One of the lamer ways of getting high (not that I think getting high is cool. I listened in my D.A.R.E classes, alright?!), most whi-pit users are total burnout druggies or 6th grade kids pretending to be badass

Here’s hoping million dollar party girl Lindsay isn’t resorting to such tacky behavior, but if she is, I recommend a meeting between her and Britney. They may be the trailer trash sister neither has ever had.

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