No Need to Get Your Knickers in a Knot!

Maybe you took part in an unplanned sleepover after bar crawl last night (oops), or have been overstaying your welcome at a friend’s apartment, maybe you just misread your recent uncontrollable Coldstone cravings and now Aunt Flo has arrived unexpected for her monthly visit (damn, and you only bought these knickers last week).

No matter what the situation, you’re faced with one uncertainty: to go commando? That is the question.

A question that now every lady can fix with a brilliant answer. Disposable underoos!

Handbag friendly and wrapped up tightly, these surprisingly cute panties could easily be mistaken for your tube of lipstick (wouldn’t that be mortifying?).

Looks like the lovely people at Tagalongs are finally understanding all our unsatisfied womanly needs.

Besides, even if you did remember to pack extra underwear, let’s say your feisty drive (and unfortunate dry spell) had given you the courage to finally seduce that cute guy in your Lit class. Still, who wants undies floating around your purse? It’d be asking for potential humiliation. Or your drunk best friend fumbling around inside your bag for some lip gloss and…wallah! Your polka-dot thong is dangling from her fingers up in air. “WHAT ARE THEEEEESE?,” she slurs. Ah, not that this has happened to me or anything.

Regardless, I’ve already ordered ten pairs. One important thing to remember though, if the ‘roos are being used post-sleepover, make sure to locate your other pair…I only say this in accordance to two guys down the hall freshman year, who made it a game to add all scored pairs of panties to a “museum” on their wall. Don’t let your sloppy rendezvous become an artifact! Better to go commando.

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