Toss Away Your Eyelash Curlers! Get a Perm Instead…

In the past couple of years, I have gone through numerous Shu Uemura eyelash curlers since they are always listed as MVP beauty products by magazines such as Allure.

Even though these particular curlers are rated as “the best,” my eyelashes are still flat and wilted after a full day of activity.

Thanks to a recent beauty trend, I can now get a semi-permanent eyelash “perm.” I know, it sounds really weird, but after looking more into it, I have decided it is something I actually might consider (if I had unlimited funds to spend on something vain like this).

The original hint about the procedure came to me via my Daily Candy newsletter delivered to my inbox every morning.

Supposedly it is safe and works on all lashes, no matter what length you have. The total process only takes 30-45 minutes and is done in two steps: first, eyelashes are curled over rubber rollers, then two different solutions are applied.

Seems simple enough right? It can’t be any worse than other things we go through in the name of vanity, aka a brazilian wax. The best part: it lasts three to five weeks.

Currently NYC is one of the only places to offer it — at the new Takashimi Head to Toe salon. But, don’t worry, if this trend catches on, I’m sure it will be available in a salon near you in no time. Until then, I guess we will all have to resort to our trusty metal curlers.

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