Anderson Cooper Almost States the Obvious


Oh Anderson Cooper.

Your salt and pepper hair, perfectly dressed swimmer’s physique, amazing shoes…and, oh yes, your skills as a CNN reporter. Your delicate beauty not only tantalizers bored homemakers while they make dinner, but gay men all over the planet.

Why you won’t admit to being one of those beautiful men who like men, I’ll never know. Maybe you’re afraid CNN won’t like it, maybe you’re afraid you’ll lose your female viewers, maybe your agent made you sign a contract in your blood that states I will never admit to being gay as long as I’m a TV icon. So help me god.

Whatever the case, you should stop forcing slips like this back into your mouth, and just let freedom ring. The nation won’t stop loving you just because you admit to something everyone already knows.

For godsake, man, you wear Prada and Gucci. I think the cat’s out of the bag.

Is That Really Neccessary?! (A Weekly Rant)
Is That Really Neccessary?! (A Weekly Rant)
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