Money Saving Tips That Will Keep You Smiling

Ah, clothes, purses and sunglasses. Why do you torture me so?

While I do think it is a teeny-weeny-bit ridiculous that you are coming out in full autumn getup, you are, nonetheless, so freakin adorable.

Seeing your quilted leather handles or fur trimmed collar makes me want to pack away my mini-dresses and tanks and pray for a snow day.

But then I see your price tag and am forced back into reality — I can barely afford the final clearance summer rack let alone a new Marc Jacobs fall coat (which is really a shame because what a cute coat you are!).

However, there is hope my fellow penny-pinching college students of mine.

Thanks to Real Simple magazine, I have a few tips that will help you save up for that rainy day shopping spree.

• Buy Gas On Tuesdays: gas prices go up on weekends often because they want to take advantage of errand runners and weekend travelers.

• Dry Clean Expensive Items Off Season: Now is the time to clean your puffy jacket of cashmere wrap. Cleaners often run sales during the slow months (July, August and January).

• Don’t Use Directory Assistance: this is one hidden cost many of us don’t think about. Thanks to and 1-800-FREE-411 (from your cell) you can access numbers, movie times, directions etc for free.

• Join The Gym At The End Of The Month: Many health clubs cut back the price at the end of the month to meet their monthly quota. And now you have an excuse to skip out on the gym for the next week or two!

• Use The Grocery Store Discount Card: the supermarket is a great place to buy more than just food (think toiletries, pet supplies, birthday cards etc) and with your discount card you can save about 18% off your monthly bill.

• Stock Up On Seasonal Items After A Holiday: My roommate loves Peeps (those sugary marshmallow things they sell around Easter) but she always waits until the day after when they cost like 25 cents a pack. Buy your gift cards, wrapping paper etc for next year RIGHT after this year’s holiday to save mucho dinero.

• Buy A New Car In The Fall: If by chance you are looking to buy a car, new models are released in September- meaning last year’s models get big discounts!

• Make Coffee At Home: So, while I am having a hard time practicing what I preach here, buying a coffee maker and taking your java to go can save you about $80-$100 dollars a month. Make Starbucks a treat instead of a daily routine (your jeans will thank you too).

While these tips may seem small and insignificant… a penny saved is a penny towards that new fall wardrobe, that spring break vacation, or that new digital camera you’ve been eyeing.

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