B. Spears: Really Riding the Crazy Train?

Either TMZ is telling a boldface lie, or Britney Spears has finally become 100% certifiably crazy.

The tacky tabloid is reporting that Ms. Insane’s photo shoot and interview with OK! Magazine went so badly that the publishers are deciding whether “to report what actually happened—or sanitize the truth to protect the pop train wreck.”

Apparently, the mother of two was acting strange throughout the entire interview, and escaped “to the bathroom” a number of times, coming back from each trip a little more whacked out than before.

When the photographers tried to get Spears into hair and make-up, she “refused to let the hired help touch her” and insisted that her “friends” (whoever those brave souls are at this point) do her up the way she always looks these days—trashy and cheap.

TMZ goes on to report that after ordering some fried chicken, Spears “wiped her hands on a several thousand dollar Gucci dress that she was wearing for the shoot” and later cleaned up her dog’s poop with another designer dress that wasn’t hers.

An “insider” with OK! also claims that the pictures taken of Brit were “so bad” that the magazine is trying to figure out if they should publish them or not.

While B. Spears has certainly proven herself a strange, irrational being in the last couple of months, this report by TMZ makes her seem like some kind of Frankenstein-esque, uneducated she-monster. Could the “Toxic” star really be going off the deep end, or is this just another example of a trashy tabloid stretching the truth till it resembles something else?

As for me, I’m going to hope for the best for Brit, but prepare myself to accept the worst. After all, hooker clothes don’t exactly scream calm and levelheaded.

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