80’s Lovers Rejoice! The Two Coreys Are BACK!

I remember watching The Lost Boys a few years after it came out. I was still young then, easily impressionable and scared of everything. Needless to say, the movie had me sleeping with the light on for weeks.

A few years ago I happened to catch it again. Although I’m still very easily terrified, the 80’s classic was no longer a nightmare waiting to happen—it was a dream come true. Big hair, dated special effects, comedy, Kiefer Sutherland before he was in that completely irrational and unreal Fox show…and best of all, the film introduced the world to what we now know as The Two Coreys.

Corey Haim and Corey Feldman were the Lindsay and Britney of the yuppie era, adorable, famous, and then drug addicted and ruined. Only a few years after they starred side-by-side in the vampire extravaganza, both men were strung out Hollywood garbage.

But guess what? They’re back!

Of course.What forgotten celebrity doesn’t have a TV show these days? The Two Coreys, debuting on A&E on July 29 at 10:00 / 9:00 central, is the comeback extravaganza for the now clean and sober BFFs.

Dubed as a “scripted reality show” (uh-oh), The Two Coreys documents Haim’s house crashing of Feldman and his wife—both of whom have just quit smoking and no longer eat meat. Haim still wants to party, Feldman is subdued and married. Hilarity (hopefully) ensues.

Just can’t wait to watch a clip of your two favorite Coreys “being” upset at not being considered for the sequel to Lost Boys? Click here.

…I’m hoping the acting gets better.

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