Could Teen Vogue be the next?

Rumor has it that Teen Vogue is the next to get the axe.

I love gossip. And I love rumors. But this is just slightly ludicrous. I know this because I have been in the belly of the Anna Wintour bred beast. And it was scary. But Teen Vogue is not going anywhere.

If I know anything, I know that.

First of all, Teen Vogue isn’t like Jane. Yes, the folding of Jane was a surprise to her beloved readers. But still, TVogue (as the insiders refer to it) doesn’t have the problems that Jane had. You know, little things like EIC’s who get booted from the magazine named after them. Small stuff like that was just the beginning of Jane’s demise. So really, it wasn’t a surprise.

While Teen Vogue targets a niche market (kind of like Jane), it is gearing its content to the upper crust teenie boppers of American society who have much more money than the angry liberal feminist types that scoured the pages of Jane.

And let’s be honest, it’s still Vogue and that means more than anything to the higher ups at Condé. Like the names of the über important teenagers they feature on the pages of the mag, the Vogue name carries a lot of weight…unlike the people who work there.

I like Teen Vogue, I do. I can’t read it anymore, or won’t be able to, until I get past this whole can’t read the magazines I interned at phase I’ve got going on. Perhaps it is knowing exactly what goes into those magazines and the politics that surround the things I used to find fun, exciting and fashionable that is such a turn off.

Or maybe it’s the fact that every time I open the magazine I remember how inadequate I felt compared to everyone else. It could be that.

Whatever it is, I know I have some time to get over it. Because when I am, Teen Vogue will still be around for me to pick up and read.

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