Destiny’s Child is Trippin’ – Literally

I don’t know what it is about the girls of Destiny’s Child, but they sure are clumsy, and I love it. Probably because, when they first came out on the scene, they bragged about how awesome and talented they were because they could dance around while wearing high heels at the same time.That, and I just love watching celebrities fall down so I can point at the screen and laugh my ass off.

But seriously, these ladies trip, fall and collapse during live performances like it’s their job. What’s up with that?!?

First, it was Michelle back when Destiny’s Child was a trio of strong, Independent Women. Just a simple slip and she got right back up. But the real comedy is how the other two do absolutely nothing. Amazing.

Then, a couple weeks ago, it was Kelly. Now, people have been saying this was a publicity stunt, probably because no one really ever talks about Kelly Rowland and she figured this was one way to get people talking. I still have no intention of buying her record because she fell, fainted, or whatever that was, but she sure got me laughing!

And FINALLY, there’s Beyonce. CLASSIC fall down the stairs at one of her shows the other night in Orlando. Of course, she plays it off to look as if nothing happened and doesn’t look like a complete a**hole. I personally think this clip is more entertaining than anything I’ve ever seen Beyonce do. The girl can wail, but she irritates me and it’s nice to see a diva take a dive sometimes.

I think the best (or funniest) thing these three can do is walk out on a stage together, hit a high note and trip on those high heels simultaneously. Now that’s a reunion tour I’ll buy tickets for.

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