My Favorite Brand: Free People

I have a hard time finding good clothes.

Mostly because I’m short—5’2”—but also because my style tends to fluctuate. I enjoy stylish, easygoing, “hippie” clothes, but looking like a bag lady or pregnant isn’t on my agenda. I also want to seem my age, but office attire isn’t something I can bare.

What’s a finicky, normal-sized girl to do? Become Free People’s biggest fan.

I discovered this line a few years ago, and although I wouldn’t call myself a fashion maven, each season I await their newest catalogue with the sort of anticipation Michael Lohan reserves for trashy talk shows.

If you enjoy comfortable, super-stylish clothes that won’t completely ruin your budget, look no further than this catalogue of cute, layerable tops and long, lean pants.

Everything they sell is deliciously feminine; flattering for different body types, and steers clear of cheap, hoochie cuts and fits.

I would literally wear everything from this brand if my wallet was thick enough, and own tons of pieces I put on year after year. My only gripe with FP? Sometimes the pants they carry have no love for short girls, and I have to get them heavily tailored.

If one day they start carrying petite sizes, I’ll become their stalker for life.

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