Oral Education

I definitely know a few people who would major in blow job science it there existed such an option… hey, if you’re good at it, go for it. That’s why I’m majoring lazy and minoring in eating frozen yogurt.

But, I understand that there are those who wish to acquire skills in college, and for some skills there exists no academic context.

That’s where Vera Zyla comes in.

You can hire Zyla to come to your next party and teach the “Art of Loving,” as her Vancouver shop is named.

Zyla will instruct you and your friends on the intricacies of male anatomy and show variations on, um, oral techniques. Her services have really taken off in Canada — her oral sex course is in high demand for bachelorette parties across the Northwest coast.

Here’s one of her tips: brew some hot tea and put it in a thermos next to your bed. When the mood strikes, take a swig and leave the liquid in your mouth, so your mouth is a comforting, warm, herbal environment for what is to come.

Hot tea? Sounds like academic sex to me.

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