The Most Annoying Liberal Arts Schools

Disclosure: I used to go to a liberal arts school— and when I say liberal arts school, I mean liberal arts school. This place was tiny (1500 students) and in the middle of absolutely nowhere.

I lived in an ecologically – friendly dorm, ate veggie burgers, created art out of garbage and was generally bored out of my mind. So naturally, the only thing to do was move to Texas. But that’s besides the point.

Liberal arts kids are a unique breed. Instead of being encouraged to use college as a vessel for job placement and perpetual financial security, they are left to their own devices with indirect help from people like Kant and Foucault.

Consequently, post – college, most L.A. kids drift to boring jobs with meager wages in liberal cities, subsisting only with help from their more traditionally successful benefactors (parents). But all this is, of course, just speculation.

As a result, Gawker has decided that liberal arts schools are incredibly annoying. Really, I can’t blame them, even though the bulk of their readers are wayward liberal arts grads.

I suggest you read up on these little gems of colleges and decide for yourself. Most of these schools you probably haven’t even heard of, but I guarantee that these schools are special, special places. So special you can major in things like creativity and graduate in four years only having taken two classes.

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