Throw a Toweldown and Relax!

Going to the beach is a process. Sand and sun, snacks and toys…there’s a lot to carry and a lot to deal with.

I won’t lie, it has deterred me from even venturing to the shore sometimes, but no worries my friends. Our problems have been solved.

Our friends at have created what is possibly the single most useful beach accessory this side of sunscreen.

What is a Toweldown towel, you ask? Well, it’s a lot of things. It’s a backpack, purse and towel all-in-one. The best feature? The pouch on top that you can fill with sand to make a pillow. Genius! With plently of colors and designs to choose from you will definitely find one to match your new bikini. And with the affordable price, you better snag some for a few friends.

A Toweldown towel is one of those novel inventions that your friends will ask you about, and although it may take a few explanations (and probably a demonstration or two) it’ll be a must-have in no time.

Hollywood’s A-list have been using these towels for quite awhile now and it’s an obvious beach (or poolside) essential. Britney Spears has been seen within the past week carrying hers around and people bands like The Black Eyed Peas and The Pussycat Dolls have all received theirs. So, hop on the towel train!

You just may get a few more glorious beach days out of it.


Could Teen Vogue be the next?
Could Teen Vogue be the next?
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