High-Waist Denim Baby!

I toured NYC seeking some waist clinching hotness… four Urban Outfitters and three hours later, the stone wash faded dark denim shorts I heard about were sold out and not expected to return.

Balderdash! And they look so damn cute!

If you’re thinking ‘grandma pant’, forget about it. No, my friends, high-waist everything: shorts, jeans, skirts and jumpers are making a slam-bam come back.

This style isn’t just flattering to one shape, either.

Curvy, plus sized, and teeny tiny babes can work ’em. Embrace the shape! The cut creates an amazing hour-glass figure, even if you’re boy-shaped, like myself.

Farrah knew what was up, or at least, her stylist did. We’ve all seen the fashion come and go…and then come back again, but today how much better could we have it? The mix of seventies and eighties offers an ‘anything goes’ fashion perspective.

Baby doll tops, bell-shaped dresses, minis that show the leg but not the belly pooch, and now… keep your eye out for the high-waisted numbers. Snag yourself a vintage pair and really work it.

Better yet, get a pair with your girls and hip bop each other!

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