Macy’s = Racist?

In an effort to woo the growing Latino population in the United States, Macy’s went and did something stupid.

After partnering up with a Mexico City based company “NaCo”, Macy’s added and then subsequently did away with, a line of potentially racist T-shirts.

While NaCo is apparently popular is Mexico, American audiences aren’t so keen on the clothing line.

T-shirts with sayings like “I is for Illegal”, “G is for Greencard” and “Brown is the new White” were pulled from the shelves of Macy’s after many consumers deemed them offensive.

Remember back in 2002 when Abercrombie and Fitch has a line of t-shirts that were deemed offensive to Asian men? Remember the onslaught of media coverage and subsequent boycott of the retailer? It was huge! Where’s the overwhelming media coverage now?

It looks like Macy’s got smart and pulled the shirts before things got to A&F porportions.

Nevertheless, these days, America is saturated in political correctness. One has to be very careful what they say in do, lest they offend someone. The question is, are NaCo’s T-shirts just cheeky fun blown out of proportion, or is their potential to offend too high in this multi-ethnic, multi-cultured nation?

What do you think, lovelies? Are the shirts fun, or tasteless?

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