Shot of the Week: Banana Cream Pie

Who doesn’t like pie?

I love pie. Especially banana cream pie. I never eat that much of it—I can feel myself expanding with each bite—but on the special occasions that I do get a little taste of that sinful goodness, I’m in a heaven usually reserved for conversations with incredibly hot dudes.

Imagine my joy when I discovered this drink.

Banana Cream Pie

• 1 part banana liqueur

• 1 part crème de cacao

• 1 part vodka

• 1 part half-and-half

Pour all your liquor into a shaker with ice. Shake it up nice and good, and then strain it into shot glasses. Don’t let this stuff sit around…the mixture will get warm and gross if you do.

And always remember to drink responsibly. Nothing says drunk and moronic like the girl with banana liqueur all over her shirt.

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