The Simpsons Take Over America!

Is anyone else seeing yellow? I’m pretty sure The Simpsons are taking over America. And I’m okay with it.

7-11’s are now Kwik-e-Marts, Jet Blue is their official airline, even Ben & Jerry’s is making an exclusive Simpson’s ice cream flavor for the premiere. Which, by the way, is being held in Springfield, NJ the town America chose as their own Springfield.

You too can be Simpsonized, eat Krusty-O’s cereal or a pink sprinklelicious donut, drink a Squishee or down a Buzz Cola all while reading your Radioactive Man Comic Book.

Or, if you’re a fan of fashion and find yourself glazing the pages of the August Harper’s Bazaar, you’ll see it features Marge alongside Simponized Linda Evangelista modeling the latest fashions (honestly, some dresses are from the Fall 07 collections). The designs of Chanel, Viktor & Rolf, Lanvin, Louis Vuitton, Versace, Gaultier are all featured as the family tours Paris.

WOO HOO! Could life get any better??

It could…and it does.

Tomorrow, America’s favorite cartoon family hits the big screen. After only 18 years of being confined to cable, The Simpson’s Movie is coming to theaters. This is one family I’m sure America will embrace with open arms.

Move over Posh & Becks, Homer and Marge are bringing the fam to town.

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