These Boys Don’t Give Up

Backstreets back, alright!

These boy-banders evidently refuse to give up. Sure, Nick Carter briefly dated D-lister Kathy Griffin, and A.J. McClean might’ve gone on Oprah to recount his drug addictions & battle with alcoholism, but these boys are all, (well, almost all, Kevin Richardson – the old one – opted out, wisely so) determined to reclaim the hearts of glittery prepubescent tweenies all across America.

Their first single, Inconsolable, is scheduled to be released August 27th, one day before my 19th birthday (evidently, this must be their twisted idea of an acceptable gift?)

Now, correct me if I’m wrong, but after their first three-year hiatus, didn’t they release that whiney desperate-ex-boyfriend-type song Incomplete in 2005? And apparently, they’ve run out of adequate song titles, and have now resorted to adding prefixes to any word that tickles their fancy.

Who writes that stuff anyway?

I’ll admit, I was once… alright, still am, a die-hard boy-band fan. Any girl that can turn down the catchy beats and ridiculously smooth-faced good-boys-with-perms-being-bad is a girl in deep, shameful denial. However, always more partial to the *NSync following, I find this attempted comeback slightly (okay, very) amusing. As if the Backstreet Boys’ attempts aren’t enough, VH1 is getting in on the fun too.

The new series, Mission: Man Band, is bringing together *NSync’s Chris Kirpatrick (pick the most awkward one, that’s always a good idea), LFO’s Rich Cronin (chinese food’s not what’s making me sick), 98 Degrees’ Jeff Timmons (what does Nick Lachey have to say about this?), and Color me Badd’s (whose??) Bryan Abrams.

These four has-beens will live in the same house for three weeks to ultimately discover, can they capture fame… again? I’d say something smart and cutting but it’d just be too easy.

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