Warning: Not Getting Pregnant is Gonna Cost Ya!

Bad news for horny college girls.

According to the Wall Street Journal, colleges and universities are gonna stop selling birth control at the same discounts they’ve been giving us for years, which is gonna be pretttttty costly. And, surprise surprise…who is the cause of this madness?

Our president!

“The change has an unlikely origin: the Deficit Reduction Act signed by President Bush last year. The legislation aimed to pare $39 billion in spending on federal programs, from subsidized student loans to Medicaid. And among the changes was one that, through an arcane set of circumstances, created a disincentive for drug makers to offer school discounts.”

So, to save money, lots of girls have been switching their birth control back, forth and all around to more cheaper, generic brands, but doctors are saying this could be a bad habit, as the idea of birth control is that it must be taken on a steady, continuous basis in order to work. Plus, the side effects by doing this could be worse, which could lead to some girls giving up on birth control all together!

“Susan Maly, a 22-year-old student at the University of Iowa, says she struggled with switching pills recently. When she went to her college health center to get a refill on her Ortho Tri-Cyclen Lo prescription a few months ago, she was distressed to find out that it had gone up to $54 from about $18. Starting this month, she has switched to a cheaper generic pill that has higher levels of estrogen than the Lo brand.”

Shit, man. If anyone needs cheap birth control, college girls are it. Who has more mindless sex than college girls? Tell me. That’s right. No one. And we wouldn’t have it any other way.

I dunno. This could all be some creepy government ploy to scare us into not having sex at all. With today’s legislative system, I wouldn’t be surprised. On one hand, it could work – more expensive birth control means less money to be spent on booze and bars! Who wants to give that up? On the other hand, the booze and bars is exactly what leads ladies-lookin-for-love into the bedroom most of the time, anyway.

Asking $50 a month from a college student to pay for anything is, like….I dunno, insane? I say, get those petitions started. Speak up!

Boo you, Deficit Reduction Act. Boo you.

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