K. Clarkson Loses Her Backbone, Goes Back To Canned Pop Music

K. Clarkson is putting her foot in her mouth and going back into the studio.

After a lot of drama, which included low sales of My December, talking shit about Clive Davis, and firing her manager, KC seems to have lost all her rebel steam.

First, she publicly apologizes to Davis, pretending she never said contemptuous things about him. And now, it’s reported that she’s going into the studio to record a new, more “pop friendly” album that will be out in 2008.

As much as I want to see my girl succeed, I can’t help but wish she had stuck to her guns a little more. Kelly, I’m sure Clive Davis is an old asshole. So, he knows a thing or two about pop hits, but he can still be a creatively stifling, money hungry CEO.

And sure, your last album didn’t sell as well, but that’s because it was a personal record. 12 year-olds aren’t going to be dancing to it in their living room, but does that really mean it’s a failure?

If I were Kelly, I take some songwriting lessons (even though I dug My December, the lyrics on a lot of the songs were less than stellar), fish around for a label that let’s me express myself, and drop Clive “old craggly man” Davis like he’s hot.

…Unless I care more about money than creative freedom. Because, I mean, if that’s the case, making teenybopper music until my throat collapses is exactly what I’d do too.

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