Watch out for those Random Acts of Rudeness!

I live in New York City. Therefore, I should be used to Random Acts of Rudeness. Small things should no longer phase me. But because I am a nice, sweet, mostly polite girl, I am still very often radically offended and crazily frustrated by rude people acting obnoxiously. Here are a few examples of my most recent run-ins with RAR.

• At a job interview, the interviewer answers his blackberry not once, not twice, but three times in the middle of my answers to his questions. No sorry, hold on a moment, just a complete switch from looking at me and listening to typing away on his stupid toy. Each time he would chuckle at whatever inside joke was taking place on the tiny screen, leaving me nothing to do but admire the bare walls and stare out the window. Needless to say, I’m taking that job the day hell freezes over.

• After a recent bout with the throw-up and diarrhea bug, my cat needed to be carted to the vet in a scary, emergency-like situation. So here I am, walking as fast as I can down the sweaty sidewalk with a giant cat carrier, pocket book, and second bag of medications and paperwork, when I finally come to a long, steep staircase. Other people with empty hands and going up and down this staircase, but does anyone stop to help the small, sweatstreaked, overloaded girl with the meowing cat? Of course not.

• The outlets are magically no longer working in my apartment. Which means I am not able to plug in my computer, lights, or fan. I’ve called my landlord three times begging for help. He hasn’t called back, forcing me to pay full rent on a hot, dark, appliance free box.

• Walking down the street the other day, my arms again overloaded with a giant bag and phone pressed against my ear (in a feeble attempt to get directions from a strange person who didn’t speak English), I spied a couple directly in front of me, spanning the entire sidewalk and holding hands. There wasn’t wasn’t much time or space to move, so I end up having to walk between the PDA loving couple, breaking their heartfelt handclasp. And then what happens? The bitch laughs at me. Like I’m an idiot for not being able to teleport past their sidewalk hogging lovefest.

• On our way home from a bar at 2:30 AM, a man interrupts my roommate’s story by saying something incredibly disgusting to us while grabbing his crotch at the same time.

What about you, lovelies? Come across some horrible instances of RAR lately? Let it out, it’s cathartic!

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