Bitter Lawyer Attempts to Ruin Ladies Night

Ladies Night!

At any good bar on any given night, you might see these magical words. Maybe it’s a small sign in the window, maybe it’s scrawled on a sandwich board in chalk, or maybe it’s on that drink ticket the giant bouncer with a head the size of your torso just gave you. Whatever the case, if you go out, you understand the distinct pull of such an announcement.

Unless you’re New York Lawyer Ron Den Hollander. If you’re him, you think it’s a horrible crime.

Last June, Hollander “filed a federal lawsuit alleging that ladies’ nights constitute a violation of the Fourteenth Amendment” and named a bunch of New York’s top clubs in the claim.

According to Hollander, clubs that give women an easier time are totally violating his rights as a man. And lest you think he only has a problem with chicks getting a few dollars off those tequila shots, Ron’s got a “typed forty-one-point list” (which he whipped out for a New Yorker reporter) that charts all sorts of discrimination against men, including “child-custody laws, circumcision,” and “5% of females have borderline personality disorder”.

In addition to trying to take down almost every club in Manhattan, the pushing 50 single guy has a thing for “black and Latin chicks, and Asian chicks” and believes “Feminazis have infiltrated institutions, and there’s been a transfer of rights from guys to girls”.

In his grand vision, Holland sees his case going through, making things a whole lot easier for negative scumbags like himself. “Clubs will reduce the price for guys and increase it for girls” he says, most probably relishing in the daydream, “every guy will have ten or fifteen more dollars in his pocket, which the girls will then manipulate into getting more drinks out of him. If they drink more, they’ll have more fun, and so will us guys. And then when she wakes up in the morning she’ll be able to do what she always does: blame the man.”

In all his list making and “Asian chick” spying, Holland must have become confused as to why Ladies Nights exist in the first place—to get copious amounts of women inside a bar and drinking. What dude wants to stride into a bar that has an overwhelming amount of sweaty, drunk men?

Maybe Ron should move to New Jersey, where the state’s Director of Civil Rights ruled Ladies Night was in violation of male customers’ rights and revoked the practice in 2004.

It’s too bad Holland is such a douchebag, because his argument has the possibility of stimulating some good conversation. His personality, however, would probably make it difficult to carry on any sort of discussion…all the axes grinding in the background, and stuff.

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