Pinch the Penny

Saving money.

I’ve thought long and hard about the ways in which I saved during my college years, throughout the working summer and now into the land of something close to adulthood. I complied a list. Let it guide you back to the bank.

1. Bang trim. Do not succumb to cutting your own bangs. Most salons don’t market this but, if you’re a regular costumer they will give you a bang trim for free! And also, whatever you do, do not do an at home dye job unless you or a friend really know what you are doing. If you check around town for a cosmetology school you can get a good cut and or color for a reasonable price.

2. Don’t spend more than two dollars for a cup of coffee. In fact, don’t spend any at all. I read a study once that said eating an apple in the morning can wake you quicker than a cup of coffee.

3. Buy generic. You’d be surprised that in nearly every comparison I have every conducted the generic brand has almost always included the same ingredients and tastes just as good.

4. Take the time to get what you paid for. I know, I know, no one likes to be the chick who sends back the steak twice, but I’m talking about nearly anything. I once got a box of granola bars and one of them was outdated, I called the company and they sent me three extra boxes. SCORE!

5. Keep the coins. Horde your silver in a little cup or big bucket. No matter what, you know you need clean drawers….so take the change to the laundromat.

It’s easy to start to save, but only after you become conscious of what your spending.

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