The Truth About Diet Coke

As if this news wasn’t bad enough (because I truly thought that “hard work and sensible meals” would work for me!), my day has just gotten worse.

Not sort of bad like, when you dry your undies on high heat and your life turns into a constant wedgie. Bad in a Diet-Coke-is-Bad-For-You way.

I understand that this news may be shocking to no one else but me, but I am just devastated. Sure, I knew all along that the artificial sweeteners that make up my favorite bev-y were bad for me.

Something about causing cancer or something, right? Well, excuse me for ignoring the warning signs and resigning to the fact that everything I do (like standing in front of my micro and watching my 94% fat-free popcorn pop) causes cancer. At least I wasn’t drinking regular Coke!

That stuff rots your teeth. And makes you fat. Duh.

Well, this little ditty explains that diet soda causes tooth decay too. And staining. And – brace yourself for this one – fools around with your brain to mess up the messages that tell you if you are hungry or full. Which means, people, that some DC drinkers may be more likely to overindulge.

What does this all mean? It means, my fellow DC addicts, that Diet Coke can actually make us FATTER (the high sodium content also contributes to weight gain)!

Researchers say the best bet to avoid bad teeth and a wide belly is to drink……


Another big old dose of obvious.

Awesome. I wonder if water will help me get through my 2pm slump?

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