Video Resumes: The New Paper

Elle Woods was way ahead of her time. Not only was she a trendsetter in the fashion sense but apparently in the working world as well. Remember her video resume to Harvard Law complete with requisite bikini shot?

Six years later, the idea finally caught on. Forget the paper resume and cover letter, the video resume is about to take its place.

Following on the heels of the trend are various video resume websites. Each has its own unique spin. One even hails itself as “job networking on steroids.” And if the working world takes its cue from pop culture, the video resume is about to blow up.

Sean Combs, the illustrious Diddy, posted a short clip on YouTube in the attempt to find an assistant to replace umbrella toting Fonzworth Bentley. His only requirements were that the video “interview” be less than three minutes and his new assistant have at least a college degree.

If you feel like being belittled by Diddy, film your own short and post it to his YouTube group.

But if you’re like the rest of us (just wanting a normal job with benefits) try filming your own video resume. You never know when the trend will start to take off.

A few video resume sites to try out:

Shot of the Week: Redheaded Slut
Shot of the Week: Redheaded Slut
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