Whoop(i)-de-doo! The View Has A New Host

The View has finally announced that Whoopi Goldberg will be joining the daily gab-fest.Goldberg is set to stat the day after Labor Day. And apparently, Barbara Walters is still looking for a 5th host (Hey Babs- I am totally available!)

I must say, the first fifteen minutes of The View is always entertaining. Watching “Hot Topics” is like fast-forwarding a scene at my sorority house kitchen table to twenty-five years from now. Gossiping about stars, shouting over each other to be heard and not really caring (or listening to) what the other girls at the table have to say. It is great to know not much will change in my life between now and the year 2030 (and thanks to Botox, really, nothing will change!)

Whoopi should be a fabulous addition- she is funny and smart, yet not overpowering. And she won’t spend her face-time trying to convert the entire daytime viewing audience to believe in everything she does (ahem, Rosie) or go on and on about her wedding plans.

Both Rosie and Star have been quoted as saying they are very happy that Ms. Goldberg has been chosen.

It was rumored that Kathy Griffin was a possible contender, but now insiders are saying that’s not the case…

Who do you think should be the 5th host?

To watch a clip of the annoucement click here.

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