Everyone Loves a Beer Bong!!

Are you ever out somewhere, like….walking around, or at the store or the zoo or some really lame party, and think, “I could really use a beer bong right now.”

You’re in luck! Meet the Jellyfish, an inflatable beer bong with three tubes that you can fold up and keep in your pocket!! And guess what it looks like…..yup yup…..a jellyfish! See?

Okay, if you’re at the store or the zoo, you probably don’t wanna whip out the Jellyfish and start downing beer, (illegal) but a lame party would be perfect. You’d turn the night around in a second – what college student doesn’t LOVE the Beer Bong?

Guys love them because they can challenge their buddies and look tough and girls love them because they get you drunk quickly and by doing them, you impress the guys! And pulling one out of your pocket would be so cool.

The Jellyfish is only $12.99, but I mean….come on, it’s a piece of plastic that looks like a weird sea creature that you pour cheap beer into, so that price seems pretty reasonable. Or, if you’re feeling especially crafty, make one yourself.

Check out this sick video of a 100 person beer bong at University of Wisconsin.

They sure know how to party….

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