Marc Jacobs Wants You to Stop and Smell the Daisies

Marc Jacobs has found a way to mix things up again. His ad campaigns featuring underage Dakota Fanning donning clothes highly unfitting for any pre-teen weren’t enough. Apparently, the miniscule models who can only be identified through a magnifying glass weren’t shocking enough, either.

Jacobs has decided to promote his new fragrance “Daisy” in a groundbreaking advertising stunt. A depiction of scratch and sniff daisies will be displayed on the window of Harvey Nichol’s (a British department store) in London.

Shoppers will be able to test the new fragrance without even stepping foot in the store. This is not to say that the advertisement will hurt Harvey Nichols’ sales. Surely dozens of people will be drawn to the store to experience the first ever scratch and sniff window.

Marc Jacobs describes “Daisy” as a combination of fruity scents such as grapefruit and strawberry infused with the scent of violets, gardenias, and jasmine with a dash of vanilla.

If the scent is really as Jacobs describes it, “Daisy” sounds like a fragrance to investigate. However, I can’t decide whether the scratch and sniff windows will represent the fragrance justly. Having never been to London, I do not know what the streets smell like.

However, I can assume that if a scratch and sniff window were in New York, the scent would have to be extremely strong in order to overpower the stench of garbage, exhaust, and street vendors on the nearby street. Surely, Jacobs wouldn’t want his scent to be mistaken for the smell of sugary peanuts being sold on the corner or McDonald’s pile of trash sprawled out all over the sidewalk.

If Jacobs’ window daisies can hold on to the scent of his fragrance, this ad campaign will be genius. Harvey Nichols will be flooded with curious customers and Jacobs will have creatively brought himself into the spotlight once again.

“Daisy” will be distributed to stores in the US at a slightly later date in the fall.

Sadly, shoppers will have to test the fragrance in the old, conventional way as plans for scratch and sniff window daisies have not yet been implemented in the US.

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