The Power of Coffee

Every morning I wake up and make a cup of coffee. On my way to work, I drink that cup of coffee while also rocking out to so-bad-it’s-great-80’s-music (whatever it takes to wake up).

Upon arriving at work, I have another cup of coffee. And if I’m feeling down around 2 pm, I will have yet another.

I can’t even get to the gym in the morning without at least one cup of coffee coursing through my veins.

Most people agree that I have a problem. A problem they equate to addictions to crack, the Blackberry or ice cream sandwiches (the ice cream sandwich addiction is really hard to beat – trust me). And I have to agree. Not only is this coffee addiction bad for my wallet, but it stains my teeth, causes bad breath and really can’t be good for my body.

Or can it?

Apparently, drinking coffee before working out causes some sort of reaction that protects the skin against skin cancer! Don’t ask me to explain it because I was an English major in college and know absolutely nothing about the science behind coffee (except that it is totally delicious) or cancer (except that it is totally awful), but someone studied this and found it to be true.

Check it out here.

This study is clearly in the early stages, but if it is true then this could be great news for me. With the amount of coffee I drink and my daily AM workouts, I may have perfectly soft and beautiful skin for the rest of my life.

And with all that money I’m saving on sunscreen, I can head out to Dunkin Donuts and get my daily caffeine fix.

Now I wait for the study that tells me donuts erase cellulite. A girl can dream, can’t she?

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