The Top Weirdest Web Communities on Crack

The Internet is a place for everyone. Jocks, beauty queens, potheads, rockers, academia, criminals….you name it, there’s a site out there perfect for ’em.Even the straight-up WEIRDOS. has scoured the web for the 8 strangest, oddest and WTF-iest communities in Cyberland, and they’ve come up with some awesomely abnormal ones that are sure to kill some time and entertain you while you’re sitting there, bored in class.

Some highlights of the list:

#8: For, you know….all the “Ice Chewers” out there. One blogger writes:

Long time chewer, first time member.

Frankly, the internet never fails to surprise and delight me. I’ve been an ice chewer since I was a little boy, and I didn’t really think about it until my late teens when my friend at the time said he thought I was a “freak” for my constant crunching on ice during a movie we went to see. Fast forward to now and I discover there’s a whole website devoted to it! That’s just great, folks!

Freak? No way! Ice chewers in the house, what what?!?

#2: Sounds innocent, but really, it’s not. This site is for people who want to read about their favorite fictional TV characters getting it on…fictionally, of course. In one fantasy story starring the stars of Dawson’s Creek (dude…people are still into that show?) one writer brings the heat:

“You have to go” He cried out towards Jack…afraid to look at him as he tossed his clothes in his general direction. “This was a mistake and I want you out of my bed…now” His cries got louder as he rushed into the bathroom…slamming the door and locking it behind him. He breath was rugged and rough as he slid down the grainy wood of the door…landing ass first upon the chilled tiles as he tried to control the blood rushing towards nether regions.

Ooooh, scandelous! And weird!

And the #1 strangest web community according to Boytaurs: Guys with four or more limbs.

The site says, “There’s something wildly, almost primally, attractive about a guy with four legs: the crowding of long, sculpted thigh muscle, the four calf muscles bobbing and working in rhythm with his four-legged walk, the four strong male feet supporting his powerful boytaur body. Boytaurs know this attraction well, and it is our constant joy, both to have and to share.”

Look! A boytaur! And here’s another boytaur! Is that Smith from Sex and the City?

Okay, I’m officially creeped out with all this website weirdness. I feel like I need to take a cold shower or something. So, yeah, if you’re ever bored in class and need something to do, search the Internet for groups you’d NEVER think you’d find – most likely, you’ll find at least one site dedicated to them. And if you find yourself wanting to be a part of that community, embrace it. Just, whatever you do….don’t tell your friends.

They’ll think you’re totally weird.

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