Tom’s Not Havin’ It

Everyone knows MySpace Tom. You know, white tee clad Tom, that friend of yours, that you’ve never actually met, who greedily claimed a precious spot in your top eight?

I must admit I stopped using my MySpace about a year and a half ago when I realized I was denying more friends than I was approving. The whole cyber-friendship/relationship/courtship thing is not so much my thing.

I like to know that my “friends” aren’t actually forty-year-old men with bad hygiene and a snaggle tooth who buy Hot Pockets in bulk and spend Saturday nights with Jenna Jameson on high res.

Either way though, I was slightly amused to learn that Tom, currently a man with a reported 194,923,131 amigos, is apparently not very friendly! The 31-year-old Libra was spotted by TMZ paps outside of an X-Games pre-party, but was in no mood to play.

Flashing a brief smile, Tom ignored the photog’s polite questions, as his friend proceeded to swat the camera away!

Ironically, Myspace co-founder seems to needs just that, his space! Friend of all proves not nice, who knew?

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