Bad Thai Cops Subject to Unusual Punishment

Despite what they may think, Thai police officers are not above the law. In fact, a new measure enacted to ensure that they don’t commit even the smallest misdemeanors may lead one to believe that they are far below the law, moreso than any common citizen.

A senior officer in Bangkok claims that any officer caught littering or arriving late to work will be forced to sport a hot pink Hello Kitty armband. The armband depicts the adorable Japanese kitten sitting on top of two hearts.

The new punishment will require the officers to don the armband for the entire work day. They will also be required to remain in the police station, unable to carry out their normal duties. This may actually come as a relief to the macho Thai officer blatantly wearing a Hello Kitty accessory.

Thai police chiefs felt that their officers did not respect the simple warnings they were repeatedly given concerning small offenses. The Hello Kitty armband punishment was created in order to humiliate officers who felt that they could commit the crimes that they have been hired to prevent.

I wish they could ship this punishment over to the US. We certainly have our share of arrogant police officers who need a subtle reminder that they have the same status in society as the rest of us.

A simple session with the Hello Kitty armband may have prevented a certain testosterone driven state officer from pulling me over last summer. After listening to him ramble for ten minutes about his extremely important position in the police force, I was still at a loss when it came to why I was actually pulled over in the first place. Someone needed to push him off his pedestal, but I certainly didn’t have the authority to do it. Perhaps next time, Hello Kitty will have the power to bring the officer back to reality.

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