EVERYONE’S New Obsession: Tay Zonday!!

Dude, this guy is everywhere.

If you haven’t seen Chocolate Rain yet, you just ain’t with it.

Check out the thought-provoking lyrics here. Political statement? Social injustice tirade? You decide.

Whatever this song is about, Tay Zonday is a natural born performer and instant YouTube/Internet sensation.

I love the way he moves away from the mic between lines, his suave piano stylings and the way his deep, SEXY voice digs into my soul (sighhh).


This past weekend, all of my friends were singing Chocolate Rain. Like, non stop. I couldn’t even get a word in. I’d be like, “Hey, where do you guys wanna eat for dinner?” And one of them would reply, (in the deepest and most Tay-like voice possible, of course) “Hmm, I dunno Amy, how about…CHOCOLATE RAAAAAIN?”


HHNLive.com has an in-depth interview with the man himself, in which he delves into topics such as his artistic influences and relationships (and yes, ladies…..he’s single).

Zonday says his next big hit will probably be “Internet Dream,” which you can hear now on his Myspace page. You HAVE to listen to this!!!! It’s f*cking awesome.

And if you still haven’t had enough Tay, (I mean, how could you) feast your eyes and ears on his cover of Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up,” the 1987 classic single.

Even John Mayer has his take on the phenomenon:

And I thought the original couldn’t ever be topped.

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