Iced Coffee and a Sugar Leak

I was a little discombobulated when I noticed my iced coffee from Starbucks actually already contained plenty of sugar.

Yes, iced coffee is not like it’s counterpart the hot coffee. Dark and strong without any imposing calories or sugar or carbs or fat or who the hell cares. But iced coffee can be a different story.

Often times we hear, “Eat your calories, don’t drink them.” I would have to agree with this. It’s smart. Eating an apple for example…much better for you than drinking apple juice. Much more satisfying too, if you ask me.

But back to the coffee conundrum. If you were to purchase a grande ice coffee from Starbucks, sans cream or sugar, mind you, you would be ingesting an extra 20 grams of sugar. Not needed, my friend.

Foods and beverages packed with sugar contribute to abdominal obesity and heart disease (one of the leading killers of women). Are 20 grams of sugar worth that?

I suppose if you don’t mind the added sugar, sip away. If you do, opt for iced tea or hot coffee and stay in the air conditioned vicinities of your world.

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