Paris Hilton Inadvertantly Promotes Health

It may sound shocking, but Paris Hilton has managed to actually help someone by being constantly plastered all over the media. An overweight British woman named Parris was tired of being compared to the waif-like celebrity on a daily basis.

At a size 22, the mother of three felt humiliated by her body and this insecurity heightened every time someone referred to her namesake. She suffered from depression and binge-ate to deal with her overwhelming emotions. Parris avoided social situations at all costs and completely gave up on her decaying appearance.

During a routine trip to the grocery store, overweight Parris piled an excess of junk food on to the check out conveyor.

A tabloid featuring Paris Hilton stared her in the face. Something inside the middle-aged woman snapped. She realized that the only way to combat her over eating was to confront the problem head on.

She discovered a diet program called LighterLife and proceeded to eliminate her status as “Fat Parris”.

Through extreme discipline, Parris began to eat healthy, exercise and attend counseling. Her desire to turn her life around and the inspiration of Paris Hilton helped “Fat Parris” slim down to a size 8. She regained her confidence, shaped up her wardrobe and abandoned a life that she was happy to leave behind.

Newly fit Parris claims that whenever she sees a picture of Paris Hilton now, it reminds her of the battle she has overcome.

Who knew that the publicity stunts Paris Hilton pulls would wind up benefitting a poor, depressed British woman? I know I didn’t. I guess whatever inspires a person to turn their life around is positive. If this story goes mainstream, we may see a lot more parents naming their children “Sienna” and “Mary-Kate” in order to slow down the epidemic of obesity.

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